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We're excited to tell you about a new opportunity for youth and teens at The United Parish of Upton!  Middle and high school students and their parents are invited to attend an informational meeting Sunday, October 7th after church at 11:15am.

Simply put, we are forming a youth and teen band with singers and instrumentalists

who will perform contemporary Christian Music in Worship on a regular basis.


At first glance, you may quickly see that this is an opportunity for kids who like music, to play and sing with others who share the same interest. You may also understand that with more practice and more performance opportunities, the kids’ musical skills will grow and develop. You may even realize that there is a high probability, that the kids that make music together will develop new and lasting friendships with each other. But wait, there’s more…much more…


What may not be visible at first glance, is what happens to someone over time, as they grow more confident in their ability to contribute their gifts and talents to a group working toward a common goal.


You might not see any connection for years down the road, between a child’s first attempt at performing for others in a safe and loving environment, and their poise, and confidence in their adult life, as they address a group of colleagues at work, or at a conference, or their ability to work through their nervousness at a job interview, as they manage to be articulate and professional under pressure.


You may not realize how much their faith deepens through the work of the Holy Spirit, as they sing those words of Praise and Worship over and over again, until one day, when they are faced with a challenge that seems bigger then they feel they are, and they instinctively turn to God for help. And because they have faith, and believe God will help them, they let go, and let God, and suddenly a pathway becomes available that they didn’t see before. And their faith deepens even more.


When I was first hired, I thought my job was to plan, rehearse and lead the choir and congregation with inspiring music in Worship. Honestly, that is just the means to a much greater goal. Now, I understand that my job is to be a facilitator, who knows how to use the power of music to awakening potential in people that they might not know, or believe is there…To use the power of music, to help people open their hearts, minds and spirits to the awareness of the Holy Spirit among us, in us, and through us.


The transformative power of music is so necessary in today’s society. Many of us have grown weary of all the rudeness, conflict, competition, the focus on what we lack and what is wrong with our world. These messages bombard us every day.


Music at church, on the other hand, is about a beautiful melody, and harmony, being in sync with others, blending our voices together so that we become part of something larger than we can be on our own. It is about opening our hearts, minds and spirits to the Word, the Power and the Love of our Creator. And it is about giving back, giving thanks, acknowledging that everything we are, everything we do, and everything we have, is God’s.


We are encouraging kids to bring their friends who sing or play an instrument, even if they don’t regularly attend our church. We want to facilitate the formation of a community of kids who love music.


SIGN UP online today!  We hope you will help us spread the word, and I hope to see you and your family at an upcoming info session.   Thank you!





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