Confirmation is offered at The United Parish of Upton 2018-2019 for all 15-18 year-olds who have not yet been confirmed.  Click here to join the contact list for Confirmation.
What is confirmation? An opportunity for young adults to become informed about their faith, develop their personal spiritual character and religious integrity, and choose to be baptized or to take their infant baptism vows into their own adult lives.
What is expected? Year-round meetings to explore the scripture, tradition, experience, and reason of Christianity, a retreat, service to the church, and relationship-building with a non-family adult mentor. Participants do not commit to baptism or confirmation in order to participate—this is a free choice for each individual.
What is gained? Confidence, knowledge, independence, pastoral counseling, deep peer relationships with adults, a voice in church leadership. Some types of service to the church will also qualify as service hours for NHS, etc. Letters of recommendation. Networking opportunities. If participants choose to join the church, they will gain a vote in the congregation and will be eligible to serve and receive opportunities as congregational leaders in and beyond our community.  

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