"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

 Luke 12:34


Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ,


I was reading a book recently about Warren Buffett and a quote in it from another entrepreneur, Jim Rohm, made me think of church. Rohm wrote, "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." Buffett and Rohm's message: to improve as a person, it's better to hang our with people who you respect and admire.


It got me thinking, who do I admire the most? Besides Jesus Christ himself, I realized that the people I admire the most are from my church family. I get so much from the positive energy and spiritual leadership by Pastor Lourey - her face seems to shine with the Holy Spirit. I admire Brian Le Suer's passion for service when leading the Community Suppers. I respect Amy Griswold's service to the needy with her commitment to the Food Pantry. I appreciate the effort and friendship of Scott Oglesby and his participation in church leadership, choir, and the Men's Breakfast. Beth Alletto has taught me about positive and selfless leadership. My spiritual life and connection to God has been significantly influenced by Kelly Luetkemeyer through his meditation instruction and wisdom. I'm encourage by the mere presence of the senior group, with their strong friendships and devotion to church service - they are our bedrock. I could go on and on and on about how my life is enriched by my church experiences. To see people practice their faith while working through the struggles of life gives me inspiration to act more selflessly. 


On November 12th, Stewardship Sunday, you and I are going to have the opportunity to take one more step on our journey into a giving way of life as we make our pledges for 2018. I would like to make a pledge that responds to the inspiration I get from the Holy Spirit and people of the United Parish. I invite you to do the same.


Jeff Curl - Stewardship Chair.


Our presence in the community requires money. We are entirely supported by the gifts of ordinary people and the income from past gifts. Today we're writing to invite you to support our congregation for the coming year, to let your dollars voice your belief that our work is worth continuing.


Why should you invest your funds in the United Parish of Upton? Why should you respond favorably to our annual appeal?

  1. Because we provide a place to hear the loving and accepting gospel of Jesus Christ. Here, indeed, all are welcome - rich, poor, old, young, gay, straight, strong, weak, questioning, or solid in faith. With superb music, excellent sermons, and enthusiastic children, our worship services speak to the needs of our world and our community.
  2. Because we are an effective agent for change in our community. We speak out on issues of justice. We provide value-added pre-school for local children. We are the go-to place for people needing assistance. We welcome the hungry, the troubled, the grieving, the lonely, the lost. We stand up for the downtrodden and seek peace in our world.
  3. Because our reach is not confined to the town's border, but impacts all the world. When disaster stikes in, say, Texas, Florida or Puerto Rico, our representatives are there, bringing food, water, clothing, housing and assistance in recovery. We don't leave after the glamorous days are gone; for instance, even today we are in partnership with those who continue to re-build in New Orleans.
  4. Because we are the one place you can count on to consistently care about issues. Where you can engage in dialogue about ethical behaviour with people who care deeply about right and wrong.
We hope you will fill out a pledge card, and be one of our supporters for 2018. Grace and peace.

Whoever you are, wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here! 








© 2019 United Parish of Upton
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